What is your inner child?

what is your inner child? The term "inner child" refers to a psychological and emotional concept that represents the childlike aspect of a person's personality.  This childlike part of ourselves is often seen as the part of us that is curious, imaginative, spontaneous, playful, and creative.   The inner child is the sum of all the experiences, feelings, and memories that we have accumulated from childhood until now. It's the part of us that remembers the innocence and wonder of childhood and the freedom to express ourselves without fear of judgment or criticism.   When we experience trauma or emotional wounds as children, our inner child can become wounded and develop coping mechanisms that may not be healthy or functional. This wounded inner child can cause emotional pain and can manifest in different ways, such as fear, anger, or low self-esteem.   Inner child work is a therapeutic approach that helps individuals reconnect with their inner child, heal emotion

The Majestic Elephant

  have you seen a picture, video or symbol of the spirit animal elephant lately? lets break down what it means when you seen this majestic animal in the 3D world or in your dreams and visions. The Elephant spirit animal is one of the most popular spirit animals. They have a long life and they are very protective. If you see an elephant, it means that you should be careful with what you do. But also, that there is a lot of love in your life. Elephants are very intelligent and they have great memories. They can remember things from many years ago and they can also remember their surroundings very well. Elephants are very social animals and they care about their family members more than anything else in the world. which means that they are family oriented. They are gentle giants and they will always be there for their friends and family members if they need them. Elephants can be aggressive at times but this only happens when they feel threatened or scared because of something that