Manifesting takes work

 Manifesting takes work

A couple of things I noticed in August were my need to finally let go. I know there are souls I have held on to for no real reason but because I want to. I have too much work to do to give time to someone who isn't pushing themselves hard enough. I know I'm a Virgo and I'm hard on those around me but I also know how hard I am on myself.

 I am okay with backing off and pushing myself with my own goals and plans and seeing where all the homies are in a year or two. the crazy thing about being a man is you'll always feel like you're behind if you aren't making moves! Are you moving forward? or are you doing a lot of BS side-to-side calling it a movement?

I'm in the mode where I want to talk about all the beautiful ideas I have in my head but only while I'm doing them. I usually don't talk this much but want to get my words on love and encouragement out into the universe more. I'm usually nervous about someone reading my stuff and I know I'm not the best writer but it doesn't hurt to put in effort.

I'm manifesting a new home...I'm manifesting a new car...
Let's change that! I am walking around my new home barefoot, while my children run in the backyard with a full basketball court in it.

My family and I are taking a nice trip to get ice cream in our new 2021 blacked-out SUV. If you have something you feel like you're good at, you need to start taking it! it can change the whole trajectory of your life in less than a year.

I have a new short bucket list that I'm working on that is more directed toward some short-term goals. Each time I hit a goal I will update the post with the time of completion and a YouTube video attached to the post.

#1 I'm currently at 461 YouTube subscribers, and I am working on getting to 1000! Follow me on my YouTube journey letyoursoulspeak

I started an Etsy shop for my family's clothing projects and Art. Follow me to keep up to date when I drop new pieces. I will be creating some shirts and jackets for my subscribers. I have time to prepare before I put them on the website, they will also be on my Etsy store! Here's the link .

I wrote a new book on inner child healing If you haven't checked it out it is available on Amazon

Here's a video I made on manifesting. I also spoke on how to envision your future for success


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