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Basics of Parentification

Understanding Parentification  Another way this term is described is parent–child role reversal A child that’s feels obligated to act as a parent to their parent or sibling. Parentification in some cases is more mental and takes on physical attributes, but there's also other forms. Instrumental parentification  child completing physical tasks for the family, such as looking after a sick relative, paying bills, or providing assistance to younger siblings that would normally be provided by a parent. Emotional parentification Basics of Parentification when a child or adolescent must take on the role of a confidante or mediator for (or between) parents or family members. While it’s known that the oldest sibling is known to take on a parental role it can also turn into some negate traits in your love life because you are use to taking on roles that may have nothing to do with you. I would call it over-extending yourself. What is parentification & ways to fix it Basics of

Manifesting takes work

 Manifesting take s work A couple of things I noticed in August were my need to finally let go. I know there are souls I have held on to for no real reason but because I want to. I have too much work to do to give time to someone who isn't pushing themselves hard enough. I know I'm a Virgo and I'm hard on those around me but I also know how hard I am on myself.  I am okay with backing off and pushing myself with my own goals and plans and seeing where all the homies are in a year or two. the crazy thing about being a man is you'll always feel like you're behind if you aren't making moves! Are you moving forward? or are you doing a lot of BS side-to-side calling it a movement ? I'm in the mode where I want to talk about all the beautiful ideas I have in my head but only while I'm doing them. I usually don't talk this much but want to get my words on love and encouragement out into the universe more. I'm usually nervous about someone reading my st