Dogs are expensive

 I had to buy more dog Meds. apoquel has been a lifesaver for my dog. Not sure if It’s the weather, but his skin is Horrible if he isn't on it. I had to wait for the meds I ordered online because I had to mail the prescription.

Changing dog food so much ended up hurting my dog. Hills was the only dog food my dogs look good on and now I have to stand by it because of the results.

Zeus my pitbull was going bald when he wasn’t on the Medicine and a Medicated shampoo has my pitbull looking good again.

The vets know what they are talking about, not all but you just have to do your research.

Issues I have with the backyard breeders Community.

ditching the Mother after you steal her puppies:

Not really being able to afford the dog(s) yet you say it’s family but don’t treat the dog like family.

I have a dog section in my store check it out for all the things I use and buy for my pit family ⬇️⬇️⬇️

I made a Dog Are Expensive Video to go along with the blog post Check it out here 


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