Business Creation

Business Creation 

 Starting my clothing business  

I wanted to start a series about me starting my clothing brand. I also wanted to see how creative I can get so I'm challenging myself in a couple of ways to see what I can accomplish in 2023.

After researching starting a clothing business for under $200 dollars, I decided to start my own since I had so many clothing ideas in my head that I'd been waiting to get out. 

Start with a 3$ or 5$ product Idea and grow your business from there. Creating merch is always good to get into. If you can always get customers you can remain in business. Wanting to cut out the middle man and save more on creation cost.

starting off with bad-quality shirts w/ great logos. having Logos done from Old projects. Starting a clothing brand with $200. All in-house clothing brands for under $ 500 bucks. Saving Money on clothing by creating them. Found A thrift store for babies. Making Money from Kid's Clothing.

Where did you get your clothing brand materials from?

I bought my supplies from a company called htvront, They were surprisingly cheaper pricing than Amazon but if you still prefer Amazon I have the products tagged on my storefront page for you here.

Jay! Why'd you want to start a clothing brand?

Numero Uno saving money on clothes! Seeing how much you can spend on clothes just to look apart is alarming. With my daughters getting older I wanted the opportunity to help shape their creative minds and I felt creating our own logos and brands would be an amazing project for a 12-year-old artist and her father doing all the hard labor.  

Number 2 Already dipping my feet into clothing brand creation I now feel like I have enough knowledge to really get my own thing going and have plenty of ideas to play with from my past work.

Number 3 With my daughter being an artist and painter I wanted us to start working on our experimentation skills. trying things and enjoying the process no matter the outcome. Shirts and sweatsuit sets are actually extremely cheap without fancy logos. So why not buy a couple of shirts and shorts and sweatsuits and create our own logos and slap them on our clothes and see how it looks? Sounds like a fun little business to me!

Freedom of expression, this blog is really just a father bragging about how well my daughter draws so I know she will make something she will eventually want on a shirt that she can wear for however long she wants into the future. I say this is about freedom of expression and I push my daughter to have her own unique identity.

How much does it cost to start a clothing brand?

$200 is a good price to start with You can get some samples made some logos and have the equipment to work on any idea you want. I bought my whole kit minus the shirts and logos from the website below

A basic logo off of Fiverr for as low as $5 but you'll probably spend closer to $15

I'll probably add more info to this blog about the clothing brand creation process so stay tuned, I'm excited to share the journey.

I made a YouTube video to go along with this post, check it out here 


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