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Business Creation

Business Creation   Starting my clothing business   I wanted to start a series about me starting my clothing brand. I also wanted to see how creative I can get so I'm challenging myself in a couple of ways to see what I can accomplish in 2023. After researching starting a clothing business for under $200 dollars, I decided to start my own since I had so many clothing ideas in my head that I'd been waiting to get out.  Start with a 3$ or 5$ product Idea and grow your business from there. Creating merch is always good to get into. If you can always get customers you can remain in business. Wanting to cut out the middle man and save more on creation cost. starting off with bad-quality shirts w/ great logos. having Logos done from Old projects. Starting a clothing brand with $200. All in-house clothing brands for under $ 500 bucks. Saving Money on clothing by creating them. Found A thrift store for babies. Making Money from Kid's Clothing. Where did you get your clothing brand